ENISE chooses ALOER to manage its metal powders stocks

ENISE : École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne

ENISE – National School of Engineers of Saint-Etienne – selects ALOER Consultants for an advisory mission and inventory management expertise of its laboratory additive manufacturing (3D printing)

  Since 1961, the ENISE dis­pen­sa­tion of mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring and civil engi­nee­ring trai­ning with fea­tures for concrete direc­tion and field of future engi­neers and a strong awa­re­ness of tech­no­lo­gy and inno­va­tion. So ENISE offer inclu­ding its research pro­fes­sors and future doc­to­ral stu­dents a set of equip­ment for Addi­tive Manu­fac­tu­ring, ran­ging from the manu­fac­ture of the pow­der to the final pro­duct, and in par­ti­cu­lar has reco­gni­zed exper­tise in these new manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cesses 3D prin­ting * based on metal pow­ders, the ADDIFAB platform.

Proper inventory management software

« Over time and in the pre­sence of a sto­rage unsui­table, metal pow­ders were control­led mana­ge­ment defi­cien­cy fine phy­si­cal and admi­nis­tra­tive ope­ra­tions. We had a mini­ma­list stock mana­ge­ment, without his­to­ri­cal or real tra­cea­bi­li­ty, « says Patrick Baert, ini­tia­ted the pro­ject and Head of ADDIFAB plat­form. « In spring 2015, with Vincent Loza­no, our CIO, we have esta­bli­shed an expres­sion of needs and met Georges Etienne, lea­der of ALOER and alum­nus of the ENISE. After a diag­no­sis and ana­ly­sis phase, it was deci­ded to asso­ciate an appli­ca­tion dedi­ca­ted to our new control­led access to local sto­rage and to deve­lop in June 2015 an inven­to­ry mana­ge­ment soft­ware. We wan­ted an appli­ca­tion to the strict, focu­sed and ful­ly inte­gra­ted into our intra­net, « said Patrick Baert.

Traceability, labeling and MSDS tracking of insured stocks

« The pro­ject has consu­med about thir­ty days for a recipe and put into pro­duc­tion in Novem­ber 2015. The modules deli­ve­red respond well to the fea­tures defi­ned in the detai­led busi­ness case and in com­pliance with IT stan­dards ENISE. Today, we are assu­red of the tra­cea­bi­li­ty of the use of our metal pow­ders, labe­ling to dis­play secu­ri­ty stan­dards (labe­ling stan­dards for SDS – Safe­ty Data Sheets), moni­to­ring sta­tus our stocks, and the connec­tion with our scales wei­ghing and bar­code rea­ders, « says Vincent Lozano. « As a for­mer student of the ENISE is a true home­co­ming and undis­gui­sed plea­sure to enjoy my turn to my skills on the field and in ware­houses throu­ghout these years I sepa­rate from my stu­dies at Saint Etienne « adds Georges Etienne. * The addi­tive manu­fac­tu­ring, more known as 3D prin­ting is a manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess which trans­forms a 3D model into a phy­si­cal object by assem­bling suc­ces­sive layers of material.

About ENISE – National School of Engineers of Saint-Etienne

  Since 1961, more than 4,000 engi­neers and doc­tors were trai­ned ENISE. They lead teams and com­pa­nies in the field of trans­port, ener­gy, health, but also in the construc­tion of struc­tures and buil­dings. Both dis­ci­plines ENISE, mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring and civil engi­nee­ring, are now wide­ly reco­gni­zed in the busi­ness com­mu­ni­ty. ENISE, mem­ber of the Research and Higher Edu­ca­tion Pole « Uni­ver­si­té de Lyon », is ful­ly inte­gra­ted into its ter­ri­to­ry which it offers a sub­stan­tial range of trai­ning and inter­na­tio­nal­ly reco­gni­zed research.