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Third-Party Maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance : service application management software solutions

The application maintenance service includes the following activities

  • Evo­lu­tio­na­ry maintenance
  • Cor­rec­tive maintenance
  • Inter­face with the edi­tor concer­ning inci­dents of stan­dard software
  • Hel­pline


Third-Party Maintenance

  • The pur­pose of cor­rec­tive main­te­nance on soft­ware is to manage the inci­dent and, if neces­sa­ry , cor­rec­tion of ano­ma­lies that can occur during the use of the solution.
  • The pur­pose of the evo­lu­tio­na­ry main­te­nance of the soft­ware is to make desi­red changes by the customer.
  • The defi­ni­tion of inter­ven­tions, the means neces­sa­ry for the rea­li­za­tion and the inter­ven­tion pro­cess are iden­ti­cal for hea­ling and evo­lu­tio­na­ry main­te­nance. Res­ponse time – Ser­vice qua­li­ty – for each ser­vice is defi­ned by agree­ment with the Customer.