A lasting relationship must be built on trust. Since 2003, ALOER’s clients find with our co-workers personal attention, and solutions adapted to their specific needs. The respect of their confidentiality is the first aspect of this relationship of trust. It is also expressed through the privileged relations established with the software publishers and the company’s partners. It is the spirit in which we work: our co-workers are encouraged in their skills and stimulated in their initiatives…


The respect of the ethics of Consulting strengthens ALOER. We are motivated by our faithfulness to our commitments, and by our moral conception of this job. Committed to respecting our ethical framework, we constantly act in the best interest of our clients.


We strive to respect the rules of our profession. Quality is at the heart of our daily concerns, just like the respect of the deadlines defined with the client. ALOER keeps its commitments, in terms of punctuality and quality of the results. Our company’s reliability relies on a recognized expertise and a constant adaptation to each company’s changes and particularities. As an expanding company, we ensure a healthy and transparent management of the economic and financial constraints.


Highly qualified in expertise, our team cohesion is built on a common passion for consulting, dedicated to service and quality. With this rigor, we provide ourselves with the means to best address our clients’ demands. We adapt the most relevant solutions to each project. In addition to our recognized expertise, the true enjoyment of our co-workers is communicable and contributes to the company’s performance.


The wealth and diversity of the industrial sectors we work with give us the possibility to share with our clients valuable field experience. Our team of experts is full of curiosity and innovation. We share our skills while creating the right conditions for a dynamic emulation.

The authenticity of our values favors togetherness, and thus the affirmation of individuals.

Legal notice
ALOER Consultants
SARL with a capital of 50 000 euros
Registered in the RCS of Lyon under number 751 749 805
320, avenue Berthelot
69008 Lyon – France Tel. : +33 (0) 4 78 77 36 90
Fax. : +33 (0) 4 78 77 36 96