A las­ting rela­tion­ship must be built on trust. Since 2003, ALOER’s clients find with our co-wor­kers per­so­nal atten­tion, and solu­tions adap­ted to their spe­ci­fic needs. The res­pect of their confi­den­tia­li­ty is the first aspect of this rela­tion­ship of trust. It is also expres­sed through the pri­vi­le­ged rela­tions esta­bli­shed with the soft­ware publi­shers and the company’s part­ners. It is the spi­rit in which we work : our co-wor­kers are encou­ra­ged in their skills and sti­mu­la­ted in their initiatives… 


The res­pect of the ethics of Consul­ting streng­thens ALOER. We are moti­va­ted by our fai­th­ful­ness to our com­mit­ments, and by our moral concep­tion of this job. Com­mit­ted to res­pec­ting our ethi­cal fra­me­work, we constant­ly act in the best inter­est of our clients. 


We strive to res­pect the rules of our pro­fes­sion. Qua­li­ty is at the heart of our dai­ly concerns, just like the res­pect of the dead­lines defi­ned with the client. ALOER keeps its com­mit­ments, in terms of punc­tua­li­ty and qua­li­ty of the results. Our company’s relia­bi­li­ty relies on a reco­gni­zed exper­tise and a constant adap­ta­tion to each company’s changes and par­ti­cu­la­ri­ties. As an expan­ding com­pa­ny, we ensure a heal­thy and trans­pa­rent mana­ge­ment of the eco­no­mic and finan­cial constraints. 


High­ly qua­li­fied in exper­tise, our team cohe­sion is built on a com­mon pas­sion for consul­ting, dedi­ca­ted to ser­vice and qua­li­ty. With this rigor, we pro­vide our­selves with the means to best address our clients’ demands. We adapt the most rele­vant solu­tions to each pro­ject. In addi­tion to our reco­gni­zed exper­tise, the true enjoy­ment of our co-wor­kers is com­mu­ni­cable and contri­butes to the company’s performance. 


The wealth and diver­si­ty of the indus­trial sec­tors we work with give us the pos­si­bi­li­ty to share with our clients valuable field expe­rience. Our team of experts is full of curio­si­ty and inno­va­tion. We share our skills while crea­ting the right condi­tions for a dyna­mic emulation. 

The authen­ti­ci­ty of our values favors toge­ther­ness, and thus the affir­ma­tion of individuals. 

Legal notice
ALOER Consul­tants
SARL with a capi­tal of 50 000 euros
Regis­te­red in the RCS of Lyon under num­ber 751 749 805
320, ave­nue Ber­the­lot
69008 Lyon – France Tel. : +33 (0) 4 78 77 36 90
Fax. : +33 (0) 4 78 77 36 96