ALOER: Infor Supply Chain morning and exclusive testimony from Alcatel OneTouch

Exclusive testimony from Alcatel OneTouch

The integrated collaborative planning and the key-steps of the implementation of a Supply Chain project were the common thread of the March 13 conference in Paris, with in the end Alcatel OneTouch’s exclusive testimony.

The most profitable businesses are those that developed their capacity to anticipate change efficiently. They push forward their logistics strategy by distributing evenly their operational, commercial and financial objectives (The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2013).

In all industry sectors, the management issue is more than ever at the heart of the concerns. Whatever the horizon is (strategic, tactical or operational), the activity managers must choose very quickly between several options and arbitrate and make decisions.

How to take up new challenges with innovative solutions?

By sharing the thoughts and experiences of our clients, we have tried in one morning to answer your numerous questions on how to take up these new challenges, with innovative solutions:

  • Forecast versus supply of provisions!

 • How to manage shortage?

 • Keeping an optimal shelf life for the end client

• Temps  de cycle de décision supérieur  au cycle de revue du plan

 Decision leadtime longer than plan review leadtime

  • How to maintain my margin in spite of the pressure from large retailers?
  • How to reduce operating costs without impacting productivity? How to negotiate the growth expected for next year while minimizing investment?
  • Is it better to store or to accept shortage?
  • How will launching a new product impact the current range?
  • Is it better to increase the capacity of a factory, use another one, or subcontract?
  • S&OP : collaborative  and centralized?
  • S&OP : processes, a method, a tool?