ALOER : Infor Supply Chain morning and exclusive testimony from Alcatel OneTouch

Exclusive testimony from Alcatel OneTouch

The inte­gra­ted col­la­bo­ra­tive plan­ning and the key-steps of the imple­men­ta­tion of a Sup­ply Chain pro­ject were the com­mon thread of the March 13 confe­rence in Paris, with in the end Alca­tel OneTouch’s exclu­sive testimony.

The most pro­fi­table busi­nesses are those that deve­lo­ped their capa­ci­ty to anti­ci­pate change effi­cient­ly. They push for­ward their logis­tics stra­te­gy by dis­tri­bu­ting even­ly their ope­ra­tio­nal, com­mer­cial and finan­cial objec­tives (The Gart­ner Sup­ply Chain Top 25 for 2013).

In all indus­try sec­tors, the mana­ge­ment issue is more than ever at the heart of the concerns. Wha­te­ver the hori­zon is (stra­te­gic, tac­ti­cal or ope­ra­tio­nal), the acti­vi­ty mana­gers must choose very qui­ck­ly bet­ween seve­ral options and arbi­trate and make decisions.

How to take up new challenges with innovative solutions ?

By sha­ring the thoughts and expe­riences of our clients, we have tried in one mor­ning to ans­wer your nume­rous ques­tions on how to take up these new chal­lenges, with inno­va­tive solutions :

  • Fore­cast ver­sus sup­ply of provisions !

 • How to manage shortage ?

 • Kee­ping an opti­mal shelf life for the end client

• Temps  de cycle de déci­sion supé­rieur  au cycle de revue du plan

 Decision leadtime longer than plan review leadtime

  • How to main­tain my mar­gin in spite of the pres­sure from large retailers ?
  • How to reduce ope­ra­ting costs without impac­ting pro­duc­ti­vi­ty ? How to nego­tiate the growth expec­ted for next year while mini­mi­zing investment ?
  • Is it bet­ter to store or to accept shortage ?
  • How will laun­ching a new pro­duct impact the cur­rent range ?
  • Is it bet­ter to increase the capa­ci­ty of a fac­to­ry, use ano­ther one, or subcontract ?
  • S&OP : col­la­bo­ra­tive  and centralized ?
  • S&OP : pro­cesses, a method, a tool ?