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Deployment methodology

A project lives through its team project. It also brings together many ALOER resources competent and multidisciplinary resources of your company.

The project team aims to manage and deliver the project to completion. Thus, from the study phase to the start-up assistance , the project team is rigorously involved in operations and project management.

Depending on the type of project, the methodology applied ALOER OPIM (One Point Implementation Methodology).

The strength of the OPIM methodology lies in its ability to adapt to customer context, the implemented solution (ERP, SCM), constraints and objectives of the project .

It also relies on project planning and knowledge transfer , deadlines respect of wages and ownership of the software by our customers .

Its implementation is conceived mostly in 5 steps grouped into 3 phases:


This phase corresponds to the steps of the methodology OPIM :

  • Initialization ( Initiate )
  • Design ( Design)
Construction of the solution

This phase corresponds to the next stage of the methodology OPIM :

  • Construction (Build )
  • Into production
Into production

This phase corresponds to the steps of the methodology OnePoint :

  • Deployment ( Deploy )
  • Closure ( Closure )

In addition, project management allows the management and the smooth running of each stage and their recipe and validation at steering committees.