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Why does training help in efficient supply chain management?

  Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides extensive functionality for logistics, manufacturing, planning, and analytics. Take advantage of a training curriculum that can help you drive maximum value from your teams.

  You can optimize your supply chain for months in advance:

  • streamline processes such as supply network
  • demand, and material requirement planning,
  • create detailed scheduling
  • refine production integration, and maximize transportation scheduling.
As a result, you’ll be able to get your products to market quickly – and cost-effectively.

Certified consultants offer you personalized training services, directly exploitable by your co-workers in a work situation

ALOER is a certified training organization.


ALOER is DATADOCK certified

What is Datadock?

DataDock is the data warehouse that enables vocational training funders to verify the compliance of training organizations with the quality criteria defined by the law.

After registering on Datadock, training organizations must file the evidence related to the 21 indicators defined by the funders to meet the 6 criteria. Once the conformity of the parts has been checked, the training organizations become “referable” by the funders. Each funder can then decide to reference these training organizations to make them appear in his reference catalog.

Being referenced Datadock is a guarantee of credibility for both companies and employees receiving training.