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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing the complete chain, without any breaches

The Supply Chain Management defines all the resources, means, methods, tools and techniques used to manage the global supply chain as efficiently as possible.

ALOER offers you its expertise in the establishment of these management strategic approaches. From organizational recommendations to the implementation of specialized tools, we are with here to provide you our experiences and our savoir-faire.

Today, technology tools are systematically used in Supply Chain Management. Therefore, we have selected those that best meet your needs on the market:

  • Specialized in their area: the famous Best-of-breed
  • With reliable publishers who invest a lot in product development
  • With international coverage and support

These solutions answer all topics present in Supply Chain Management, from Scheduling to sales forecast, including planning and the S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning – Industrial and Marketing Plan).

Some Supply Chain needs we can address

Sales forecast

  • Generate your sales forecast based on your history or other sources
  • Adjust your forecast as much as you want according to the commercial information at your disposal
  • Estimate your inventory targets
  • Determine the reliability of your forecast
  • Communicate with all the partners of the company

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Centralize all the information on marketing strategy and
  • Simulate solutions and analyze the results
  • Exchange easily
  • Prepare your PIC meetings quickly and efficiently


  • Optimize  la charge de vos équipements de production à moyen et long termes
  • Optimize the capacity (carrying capacity) of your production equipment at middle and long terms.
  • Simulate exceptional situations and find the best
  • Calculate the costs of your production and logistics


  • Optimize your production and set up/cleaning times
  • Improve your inventory levels
  • Manage provision supply and production hazards and their consequences
  • Graphically adjust your scheduling and control its


We will not direct your Supply Chain, but we will help you manage it!

A team of consultants and project managers provide you with their experience, and their professional expertise of industries to analyze your process and optimize it thanks to the Infor Supply Chain Management.

Certified partner of the Infor Partner Network, leader of solutions meant for SMB/SME, ALOER bases its work on its associates’ combination of skills (technology and business), to boost the growth of its clients.



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