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Personalized Consulting

Personalized Consulting for Supply chain & ERP


Detai­led cri­ti­cal ana­ly­sis of the busi­ness pro­cesses of your com­pa­ny per­mits us to get the most out of your infor­ma­tion sys­tem. Taking into account your company’s par­ti­cu­la­ri­ties and spe­ci­fi­ci­ties is part of an approach in accor­dance with stan­dards and with the best prac­tices.

Supply chain

A detai­led des­crip­tion of your logis­tics flows cou­pled with an ana­ly­sis of the per­for­mance and matu­ri­ty of your Sup­ply chain allow us to define an action plan, regar­ding your stra­te­gic direc­tions.

Auditing and Analyzing your Supply Chain are also useful to

  • Make the gene­ral direc­tion aware of the stra­te­gic impor­tance of the Sup­ply Chain
  • Cla­ri­fy, expose the dif­ferent problems
  • Explain, present the action plan suggested
  • Present to convince, the pro­fits and return on invest­ment expected

After an audit, results are regis­te­red in a docu­ment that goes over the sys­tème des flux and logis­tic details of the com­pa­ny, cur­rent per­for­mance, main strength and areas for impro­ve­ment, and prio­ri­ties for action. 

After an audit, results are com­pi­led into a docu­ment sum­ma­ri­zing flows, logis­tic details of the com­pa­ny, cur­rent per­for­mance, main strenght, areas of impro­ve­ment and prio­ri­ties for action.