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Personalized Consulting

Personalized Consulting for Supply chain & ERP


Detailed critical analysis of the business processes of your company permits us to get the most out of your information system. Taking into account your company’s particularities and specificities is part of an approach in accordance with standards and with the best practices.

Supply chain

A detailed description of your logistics flows coupled with an analysis of the performance and maturity of your Supply chain allow us to define an action plan, regarding your strategic directions.

Auditing and Analyzing your Supply Chain are also useful to

  • Make the general direction aware of the strategic importance of the Supply Chain
  • Clarify, expose the different problems
  • Explain, present the action plan suggested
  • Present to convince, the profits and return on investment expected

After an audit, results are registered in a document that goes over the système des flux and logistic details of the company, current performance, main strength and areas for improvement, and priorities for action.

After an audit, results are compiled into a document summarizing flows, logistic details of the company, current performance, main strenght, areas of improvement and priorities for action.